Latest News!

10-14-14 - RCI CEO Announces the partnership with DirectCaptial. DirectCaptial will back all credit and finance offered by RCI.

9-08-14 - RCI Board of Directors has approved a new division "Raymond Management Services" with the purpose of managing properties and proving management services.

8-02-14 - RCI Board of Directors has approved the change of logo to the newest one.

7-17-14 - RCI - Announces that RAYSCAPING is the newest division to be added, for targeting the landscaping and hardscaping industry.

6-15-14 - RCI - Announces the newest division Raymond Rapid Response service, the newest division to professional services.

6-01-14 - RCI - Announces Theodore Ryan III is now Vice-President of the Board and Head of Sales at Raymond Chung Industries Corporation.

5-30-14 - RAY-TECH is currently in the process of releasing generation II of the Raymonator Series computer set for launch at 4Q 2014

4-27-14 - Raymond Chung Industries Corporation – The Company will launch a new division to serve the construction industry in 2 to 4 months.

4-27-14 - RCI Human Resources - Today we have successfully removed various employees for failure to follow the Raymond Standard, this has brought our independent contractors numbers down, but has insured that our company can offer the very best of products and services to the many clients weserve.

4-27-14 - RAYNET SYSTEMS - Today RAYNET SYSTEMS is now fully online, we thank-you for all those who have made pre-orders into our service. 

4-11-14 - Raymond Chung Industries Corporation - We have announced the launch of Raymond Studios & Raymond Publishing to already large family of companies under Raymond Chung Industries Corporation. We have also named Connor Mackey the Head of Development at Raymond Studios. We hope his experience and abilities to lead others, takes Raymond Studios to the next level.

2-21-14 - Raymond Communication - It has been decided that Raymond Communication will proceed to be an activated. Raymond Communication will start to offer its services starting the March month.

2-05-14 - Raymond Chung Industries Corporation - We have decided to process payments through BluePay and PayPal both are leading companies in the payment processing industry and we have decided to offer both companies to ensure that our customers have a choice in processing methods.

1-22-14 - Raymond Chung Industries Corporation - Has announced our intentions to move into 2 new industries and start the devolvement of our new brands.

1-12-14 - Raymond Media Group - announces that it has received the license from the BEST Clan Organization to create and product PROMODE(TM) TV Series.